February 28, 2013


Does your current marketing include Social Media?

social logos 01Social networking is currently the most popular online activity, with 22% of time online spent on channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. By giving your company an online “voice”, you are able to convey the personality and flavour of your business to clients – even when they aren’t meeting you face to face!

If you "haven't got around to it" yet, or "don't know how to do it", you are missing out big time!



tick Develop your voice (and stick with it) – fun and quirky, or professional yet approachable?
tick Be subtle – treat it as a conversation, rather than a sales pitch.
tick Link back to your website – this is where your "hard sell" can happen!
tick Be flexible – set goals, but don't be afraid to adapt based on your target market's reactions.


cross Ignore feedback - you asked for it, so get back to them!
cross Shamelessly self-promote (no one wants a friend who only talks about themselves).
cross Overwhelm your audience – you are in their personal space, so don’t get up in their face(book)!
cross Ignore it. It’s here to stay.


Social Media Header 02.3


Quick guide checklist

tick Start a conversation, just like at a party, this is your chance to get feedback and learn about your customer as well helping them to get to know you.
tick Look at your target market and provide relevant updates to them – post content that they will enjoy reading and sharing!
tick Try having a special deal for customers who “check in” at your store. Not only are they more likely to come in, you get free advertising when their friends see the check in!
tick Be responsive to reviews and other feedback - your online presence is forever.


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