our approach

We experience the world through our senses: sight, touch, small, sound and taste. And our senses are a path to our emotions. So it’s understandable that good design – something that looks and feels good – can appeal directly to our senses and influence or emotional response over and above more ‘rational’ arguments (cheaper, newer, better…).

At Canvas we use this simple insight to forge a relationship between your customers and your brand that goes beyond the rational. We use the power of good design to appeal directly to the senses, so your customers will respond to your brand with their hearts as well as their minds.

This isn’t art for art’s sake. It’s a commercial imperative. In today’s market customers are looking for more Includes links to information on casino gaming; interactive gaming and wagering; licence applications; problem gambling and liquor licensing. than functional benefits from the brands. They want an emotional connection. And that’s what we provide.

Good design that means emotion. Good design that means business.

our services

You want to rebrand and keep the new style consistent online, in print and anywhere else; you need a website and a product brochure or in-store signage to promote your latest range; you have a new product that requires development and packaging or perhaps you want online casino to design and develop an online store with the flexibility to update it yourself.

Canvas Design Consultants is uniquely positioned to assist with all of these requirements and many more, including:

Branding / Corporate Identity
- Logo - Advertising
- Name Creation - Uniforms
- Stationery - Invitations
- Marketing Collateral - Promotional Items

- Packaging

- Vehicle Graphics

Retail Design Web Design
- Interior / Store Design - Complete Websites
- Signage - HTML Static / Dynamic
- Livery - Customised Content Management Systems (CMS)
- Window Displays & Props
Social Media
- Facebook Pages & Campaigns
- Youtube Channels  
- Twitter